About us

Obzcure, originally Spigot Protect, is a cloud-based Java code protection service founded on December 2017.

Plagiarism of code (aka skidding), reverse-engineering attacks, DRM cracking, and leaking has always been problematic and still remains so for many developers today.
Our service is constantly maintained and updated by our hardworking team to provide hardened protection against attackers with malicious intent.

How it works:
1 - You upload your jar to our server securely through our SSL secured website.
2 - Our server will process your jar and apply obfuscation features.
3 - You will be given a download link to the protected jar.

Team members 😏

HoverCatz (Kitty)

CEO / Founder

Java developer since 2006. Specializes in Java security and reflection.

ItzSomebody (Chris)


Professional Java developer since a few years ago. Best known for his own Obfuscator named Radon.

Draityalan (Alan)

App Developer

New to programming but comes along just fine! Helps with the project, and plans on helping with a desktop app.

Want to work with us?

Get in touch with us at discord.obzcu.re